The Kidnapping of Wasp
Season 0, Episode 0
Videoplayback 1083360
Air date Unaired
Written by Mr. Writer
Directed by Ms. Director
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The Kidnapping of Wasp is a story about Wasp.


Wasp has a dream of her fighting some enemies in a comedic way.


After a battle with the Wrecking Crew, Wasp goes to bed and dreams that she is the only one in Avengers Mansion.
Wasp-Avengers-Earth-s-Mightiest-Heroes-janet-van-dyne-the-wasp-36915890-1024-566 (2)

Wasp on the couch.

As Wasp wants to know where is everyone as she sits on the couch and watches TV while eating a bag of chips and goes into the kitchen and sees a half eaten burger which disgust her.
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Wasp looking at the half eaten burger.

Meanwhile, she shrinks down and flies across New York City and sees that the whole city is a ghost town and tries to call any of her teammates through her comlink, but couldn't because of the static. Later, Amora the Enchantress shows up and tells Janet that she is dreaming which makes sense to her when Enchantress uses a magic powder to put her to sleep and then conducts a teleportation spell to teleported themselves to some abandoned warehouse where she makes Wasp sits in a chair and creates a green energy ring that binds her to the chair. By the time she wakes up, Enchantress decides to torture her by making Wasp watch a dancing bunny. Enchantress laughs when Wasp attempts to struggle while she drinks some juice when Janet asked for some, but Amora denies it and continues to laugh at Wasp's hilarious torture. In the meantime, Janet ask her how long this will take as Amora says it will take 4 minutes until it's over. Afterwars, the dancing bunny has stop dancing and Janet was freed while escaping to central park. However, Enchantress was there and then uses her magic to control Wasp by forcing her to dance against her will. Afterwards,
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Enchantress captures Janet.

 Amora captures Janet with her magic as Wasp asked the wicked Asgardian sorceress what other she's got for her and have fun while the Enchantress rolls her eyes and then teleports themselves to some uninhabite planet covered with trees, jungles, rivers and open space. At first Wasp was amazed by the sight, but her legs were being restrained by tentacle vines and shrinks down and flies away while blasted them while fighting a trip of robots that resemble Zemo.



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