Mockingbird captured is an episode of Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes. 


Mockingbird gets captured by Red skull, and Black Widow must come to her rescue. 


Meanwhile in some Hydra castle,  Mockingbird steals a microchip that contains Red skull's lasted plans. However,  she was hit by knockout gas by Grim Reaper. As Mockingbird wakes up, she realizes that she's imprisoned in a chair with her arms  and legs binded by unbreakable metal clamps and was interrogated by the Red skull and sends a message to Nick Fury, telling him he needs to surrender or else he'll make Grim Reaper kill Mockingbird. Meanwhile,  Black Widow was captured by a Russian crime lord and later beats him, Maria Hill informs her that Mockingbird is captured by the Red skull and must rescue her. 

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